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A15 Minimum class A15. Areas used exclusively by pedestrians and cyclists

Minimum class B125. Sidewalks, pedestrian zones and similar areas, parking lots and parking garages for cars.


Minimum class C250. For devices installed in the area of street gutters along the sidewalk, which, measured from the edge, extends up to 0,5m on the runway, and 0,2m on the sidewalk.

classe D400 classe D400 intense

Minimum class D400. Traffic roads, areas in surrounding concrete and parking areas for all types of vehicles.

classe 600 conseillé classe E600 docks classe E600 usine

Minimum class E600. Areas with intensive and heavy loads, i.e. docks, airports.

classe F900

Minimum class F900. Areas with extremely heavy loads, such as airports.


To guarantee the accessibility of public places for disabled persons, the slots of the gratings with the disabled-symbol are never larger than 20mm.