in 3 projects generating
carbon credits

Our climate compensation projects

In 2022, in line with its priorities, Fondatel has chosen 3 projects that particularly supports innovation and the development of clean energy:

The Sichuan Coal Mine Methane project in China. The project contributes to a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by capturing methane previously released into the atmosphere. It also promotes local economic development by providing employment opportunities for local people, with each worker receiving comprehensive technical and general training at the workplace. This will boost local economic development. The project helps set a precedent for other projects in the region. . Finally, boilers will be installed to recycle the waste heat from the gas generators and provide hot water to the miners.

Sichuan Coal Mine Methane (pdf)

Fondatel has also invested in two other projects that help reduce greenhouse gas emissions to offset projected emissions in the coming years:

A hydropower project in Indonesia, Musi Hydro Power. This project addresses problems in rural Sumatra, such as poor access to electricity and lack of quality working conditions, and promotes sustainable economic development. The Musi River hydropower plant has created high-quality employment and skills development opportunities for people who are traditionally agricultural workers. Part of the project’s proceeds will be reinvested in the local community, through the construction of an orphanage, new roads, bridges and a traditional market – giving local farmers better access to their paddy fields and the chance to earn extra income. A reforestation program was also carried out in the surrounding catchment area to restore and maintain the natural landscape.

Musi River Hydro Indonesia – South Pole (pdf)

A geothermal project in Indonesia, Ulubelu Geothermal. The Ulubelu geothermal plant not only produces clean electricity and reduces greenhouse gas emissions, but also contributes to Indonesia’s sustainable development. By investing in the region, the project creates jobs and boosts the local economy. . As an inexhaustible source of energy, the geothermal plant also diversifies Indonesia’s energy sources, improving energy security and guiding the country towards a low-carbon energy future.

Ulubelu geothermal power (pdf)