Our foundry is climate neutral

FONDATEL is committed to climate and joins the European IED directive(Industrial Emissions Directive ) while implementing concrete actions to reduce emissions at all its production sites.

FONDATEL aims to reduce its environmental impact and is supported in its climate transition journey by CO2logic’s teams and is committed to aligning its activities with the requirements of the European IED Directive , working to this end in three priority areas:

Compliance with its Environmental Permit

Subscribe to a regulatory environmental permit that studies and defines the limits of the various local impacts (emissions to air, discharges to water, abstraction of natural water, etc.), with periodic checks and reports to the authorities.


Implementation of responsible waste management, 90% of which can be achieved internally or by other companies.


Determination and immediate implementation of a plan to reduce carbon emissions.

What do we do?

Fondatel’s approach is part of a commitment to continuous improvement and transparency and based on an approach that integrates the precise calculation of the impact of industrial activities on the environment, followed by the identification and implementation of concrete and measurable actions to reduce them over time.

Since its creation, FONDATEL has actively contributed to the recycling of materials. 90% of its materials are recyclable. For cast iron, this is even 99.90%.

To go further and measure the greenhouse gas emissions linked to its activity, FONDATEL carries out an annual carbon assessment in September for the entire scope of its activity.

Our climate compensation projects

To counterbalance the emissions that cannot yet be avoided along the entire value chain, FONDATEL is committed to supporting certified climate projects proposed by our partner South Pole , in addition to the above, there are a number of other measures that can be taken to reduce global carbon emissions and provide co-benefits in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Our partners