D400 | EN124-2

Width 500 | Height 454

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Gullies for road infrastructure, industrial zones D400

Hinged grating (opening direction can be changed)

Concave grating, with round bars

Lateral outlet for DN 160 pipe.

2 handling hooks

Grating supports on 6 points with EPDM seal.


Ductile iron GJS 500-7 depending on EN1563

Certification third party

Conform PTV 802, type I class D400
Certified EN124-2 BENOR by Copro

Place of installation

Group 3, →see EN124-1
For gully tops installed in the area of kerbside channels of roads which when measured from the kerb edge, extend a maximum of 0,5m into carriageway.
Confirmation about concave gratings:
EN124-2 is not applicable for concave gratings installed onto roads. These gratings need to be installed in areas of kerbside channels along roads


Available with flat grating: 105045LP

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